A Tik & Tok Adventure by Peter Suart

Can You Solve the Map of the Territory Puzzle by mandyso
August 31, 2007, 1:02 pm
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Anyone who lives in The World

Map of the Territory
In the book The Love Of Learning there is a map with a list of twenty-four names.
To what does each of these names refer?

• A full statement of the source is required.
• No answer is required for Number One – One Tree. This refers both to a landmark and a bookshop near the author’s home.
• No source appears twice in the list.
• One of the names refers to two sources.

Important Notes
• This puzzle exists in perpetuity.
• Whilst some of the answers are straightforward, several are obscure or cryptic and we consider the complete solution of this puzzle difficult!

Peter Suart at Kubrick by mandyso
August 20, 2007, 9:42 am
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Sunday 26 August 2007
3 – 4pm
Kubrick Bookstore at Yau Ma Tei

Suart is an illustrator, a writer, a musician and a theatrical performer. His Tik and Tok series of books is written and illustrated for children and for adults. The stories are built on perplexing questions in life: What is real? How should we live? Where is meaning to be found? Are you free for tea on Thursday?
Five new Tik and Tok books have been published in recent months. North is the seventh in the series and deals with whaling and the far north. The Black Book of Falling is the first black and white full-length strip cartoon. Three early titles — The Storm, The Love of Learning, The Secret of the Universe — have appeared in Chinese, translated by Sunny Pang, the choreographer/linguist with whom Suart has collaborated on performances over many years.

Suart was raised in Hong Kong. He schooled and studied illustration in England before returning to Hong Kong to work in art, music and theatre. The band he co-founded with Kung Chi Shing, ‘the box’, will be performing their twentieth anniversary show Bluebeard in September at the Kwai Tsing Theatre.

Suart will talk for about half an hour on his current projects, in English and Cantonese, after which questions will be most welcome.

Storm Questions (English) by mandyso
August 7, 2007, 11:18 am
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1 Have you ever been awake at dawn?

2 Would you be different if you’d been given a different name?

3 If a nut falls to the ground in the middle of a dark wood when no one is there, does it make a sound?

4 What is the meaning of a flower?

5 Why do people like the sea so much?

6 Have you been taught how to sew?

7 Is the sound that the wind makes in the trees a kind of talking?

8 What sort of bird can fly in the air, walk on land and swim underwater?

9 What does the smell of cinnamon do to you?

10 What happens at the bottom of the sea?

11 What sort of treasure could you fit into a very small box?

12 For whom does the bell toll?

13 Why is gold valuable?

14 Do you like storms?

15 How many seconds of music can you hold in your head at one time?