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Storm Questions (English) by mandyso
August 7, 2007, 11:18 am
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1 Have you ever been awake at dawn?

2 Would you be different if you’d been given a different name?

3 If a nut falls to the ground in the middle of a dark wood when no one is there, does it make a sound?

4 What is the meaning of a flower?

5 Why do people like the sea so much?

6 Have you been taught how to sew?

7 Is the sound that the wind makes in the trees a kind of talking?

8 What sort of bird can fly in the air, walk on land and swim underwater?

9 What does the smell of cinnamon do to you?

10 What happens at the bottom of the sea?

11 What sort of treasure could you fit into a very small box?

12 For whom does the bell toll?

13 Why is gold valuable?

14 Do you like storms?

15 How many seconds of music can you hold in your head at one time?

The Secret of the Universe Questions by mandyso
July 18, 2007, 11:53 am
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The Secret of the Universe English cover
If you’ve missed out on the first round of questions, here they are again!
We’d like to know what your answers are.

1. From the myths of which country does the name Pegasus come?

2. What is the conncetion between a labyrinth and a ball of string?

3. Doctor Quill has a toy called The Rocket. Which one is it?

4. What does Narrenschiff mean?

5. Who was the city of Adrianople named after?

6. What is Mnemo’s name to do with?

7. Whose army is Hannah looking for?

8. What is the name of the Greek ferryman of the Underworld?

9. What, in your own mind, is the Secret of the Universe?

《風暴》問題 by mandyso
July 18, 2007, 11:50 am
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1. 你試過黎明之前醒來嗎?

2. 一個不同的名字會否令你變成一個不同的人?

3. 渺無人煙的深黑林子裡,果實跌落地上會否有聲響?

4. 花的意思是甚麼?

5. 為甚麼我們喜愛海洋?

6. 茂密樹林的風聲是否一種談話?

7. 甚麼鳥兒能在天空飛翔,陸上行走,海裡游泳?

8. 肉桂的香味對你有甚麼影響呢?

9. 深海底下可以發生甚麼事?

10. 一個很細小的盒子可以收藏甚麼寶藏?

11. 為甚麼黃金有價值?

12. 颱風中會有甚麼事發生?

《宇宙的秘密》問題 by mandyso
July 18, 2007, 3:46 am
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1. 佩伽索斯來自甚麼國家的傳說?

2. 一個迷宮和一球繩子有甚麼關係?

3. 鴣尾先生有一個小玩意兒叫火箭。是哪一個?

4. 愣人舫是甚麼意思?

5. 阿德利安諾堡這城市以誰人的名字為名?

6. 念邈的名字與甚麼有關?

7. 不大笨象在找誰的軍隊?

8. 希臘傳說中在地府入口處擺渡的是誰?

9. 在你心目中,宇宙的秘密是甚麼?